Coaching changes perspectives, open new ways and help you to exploit your potential.

Systemic coaching views the overall environment of a person. Coach and coachee examine together the private and professional system of relationships of the coachee. They analyse people, circumstances and interactions between them as well their impact to the issue of the coachee. This creates new points of view, thinking impulses and solutions.

The coach asks the right questions and uses the approrpriate methods. The coachee finds the answers and is responsible for the realisation. He reaches the decisions and steers the direction of his life. The coach accompanies him on the way to the goal for a certain time.

Coaching is a powerful instrument if you want to

  • defuse a conflict situation
  • come to important decision
  • master difficult conversation
  • prepare for the next career level
  • find a new professional challenge
  • start your own business
  • change something in your live

I offer you coaching sessions via video, phone and live in English, German and Bulgarian.

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