Intercultural Trainings

Use Cultural Differences Profitably

If people work together across borders, it leads inevitably to different expectations and interpretations in communication, negotiations, working methods as well as in leadership and motivation.  Many behaviours and action patterns in professional life are strongly influenced by culture. Hence you can never escape misunderstandings.

Bring Multicultural Teams to Success

With intercultural training one becomes aware of the need for smooth collaboration between colleagues and business partners with different cultural background. If both sides are aware of cultural differences one can avoid expensive communication problems and time-consuming conflicts. Multicultural teams will find their way to an effective and goal oriented communication. The specific strengths - being inherent of every single culture - can be used positively in teamwork.

Which are my Distinguishing Marks as a Trainer?

My training courses are authentic and practical. They are tailored to the requirements of your company and offer a well-balanced mix of current specialized information and concrete recommendations. The variety of methods ensures an interesting training day.

My Bulgarian origin, my long standing international experience in the industry and my solid academic education distinguish me as a trainer and can benefit you.

Trainings in:
Englisch, German and Bulgarian

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